Web Sites:

We can build you a web site.  We have built several web sites for new businesses and existing businesses that want to expand their customer base with a low cost form of advertising that is a web site.  We can help arrange your domain name if you don’t have one, or use a web site address you already have.  We use professional hosting to minimize any down time of your site as well as reduce maintenance costs.  Our creative team would love to work with you on creating a great web site for your business!  just send us a message on the Contact Us form and tell us a little about the project!

Our Portfolio of sites.

Some of the things that are available on web sites we make:

  • Customized theme
  • Photo Slider
  • Photo Gallery
  • Visitor Submitting form for submitting information to you without putting your own email address out to get spammed.
  • Youtube and Vimeo video players to play your video’s
  • Much, Much more…

High Tech Consulting Services:

When your company or organization wants to start a new technology project, but don’t know where to start or what your next step should be, we’re available as consultants to to guide your organization on the steps needed to complete your projects, and even some training for your personnel on how to use the technology in your new projects.

PC Repair:

Our experience with repairing computers is quite extensive.  We have been repairing computer for decades.  We have also been working with SOHO (small office and home office) networks since they started becoming common, including WIFI networks.  We provide an on site computer and network repair/setup service to people on the Island of Oahu.  Our techs can and will travel to anywhere on the island to help with repair your computer.  We also use a variety of Computer Remote Control Software for smaller problems that we can fix remotely if you have an emergency that needs to be handled quickly.   Our rates for pc repair on site are $50 an hour, in one hour increments.

Property Photography:

 We will work with you and your client to be able to take photos of your listing in a flattering manner.  We can put together a custom package for you to include many photographs of the property depending on the size and number of rooms of the home.  We are also able to make a special type of Virtual Tour for the listing to bring in even more prospective buyers!  The virtual tour below is shown as an example at the bottom of this page.  Our Virtual Tours are very customized and can include links to outside information and web sites.  This can include your own Agent Web Site (not allowed on Hawaii MLS), local schools, or any other web sites you want to include.

Transaction Organization:

This is the most complicated of our Real Estate services.  For this section of our services, we will take copies of all of your paperwork electronically and keep it organized for you in any manner that you wish.  We are able to use SkyDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, as well as any other file/folder sharing system you want to store your paperwork in a manner that we will both be able to access at any time.  We can also share the folders with others if you work as part of a team.


James Virtual Tours does offer discounts for certain non-profit and Religious organizations.  If you think that your organization might qualify for a discount, please feel free to ask about it when you contact us.


Billing Info:

Most of our services are provided on an hourly basis with billing increments of 15 minutes.  For PC Repair, the first hour is a full hour, then in 30 minute increments there after.  Our Photography and Transaction Organization services are priced on what is expected from the whole transaction.